Bhawani's integrated steel plant consists of a special steel melting shop, hot rolling mill and quality testing lab is spread over 50 acres. Our business operation runs on an ERP system and is supported by strong administration and IT infrastructure. All our products are manufactured using prime raw materials, conforming to various standards with mandatory quality checks at necessary stages, with all tests conducted using our most modern inspection and testing facilities

Steel Melting Shop

Major equipment - heat size - 30 MT

Induction Furnace

Electric Arc Furnace

Ladle Refining Furnace

Vacuum Degassing with VOD

AOD Converter

2 Strand Continuous Caster with EMS

Overhead Cranes up to 80 MT

Rolling Mill

3 Hi semi automatic rolling mill 12” and 18”

Oil/Gas Fired Reheating Furnace

Cooling Beds

Inspection Beds

Visual, Color coding and Marking



Latest inspection and testing equipment

2 Spectrolab Spectrometers

Leco Gas Analyzer

Universal Tensile Machine

Impact Testing Machine

Hardness Tester

Ultrasonic testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Microscopic Analysis